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Welcome to raidersixgame.com, here you will find all the latest news and updates of the Raider Six Mobile Game. Raider Six Mobile Is an Indian Battle Royale game developed for devices that have amazing graphics with lots of futuristic features which are not available in any other mobile games. Here is the direct download link of Raider Six Mobile APK + OBB to play this world’s no.1 multiplayer Battle Royal game on your Smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the next level. Download Raider Six Mobile APK from here and enjoy the game.

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About Raider SIX

A Battle Royale Action mobile game designed specifically for Indian gamers who enjoy action games is called Raider SIX. This thrilling game introduces a wide variety of Indian characters as well as a captivating Indian battle landscape, the first time such components have ever been included in the genre.

Raider Six Mobile

Game Features

  1. Objective-based Battle Royale
    Element U, a most valuable resource, is the only reason you are on this dangerous battlefield. Your primary objective in this chaotic world is to plunder as much as Element U and evacuate successfully.
  2. Advanced weapon systems
    Synthesize advanced and more powerful weapons. Get exclusive gun skins in the weekly and monthly battle pass. Use special grenades to turn your enemies into chickens or make them dance.
  3. Revive yourself
    With the Revival feature in RAIDER SIX, death is not the end in this unpredictable battlefield. Revive yourself to win or to seek vengeance!
  4. Trading System in the R6 Universe
    Players are free to sell and buy the resources they bring out of Area#6 in the underground market to expand their arsenal. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a savvy trader and dominate the battlefield.
  5. Defeat and tame monsters
    Hunt and defeat giant monsters for bonus Element U. Turn them from enemies into allies and wreak havoc on enemy Raiders.
  6. Ride your way
    Ride horses, fly helicopters, or battle in tanks. Ride your way in Area #6

Raider SIX minimum system requirements

Requires a stable internet connection.
At least 1.5Gb RAM and Android 5.0 or higher


Raider Six Download APK

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AppRaider SIX
CompanyStarlight Gaming India Private Ltd.
PublisherStarlight Gaming India Private Ltd.
Size1,001 MB
Other SourcesPlay Store, Apple Store
Released onJul 2, 2023
Last UpdatedAug 22, 2023


Where can I download the game?

A1:Android users can search “RAIDER SIX” in the Google Play Store to download the game.

A2:Apple users can go to the Apple App Store to search “RAIDER SIX” to download the game.

How big is the “RAIDER SIX” installation package, and how much space do I need to reserve?

Why can’t I log into the game after downloading?

Can Apple and Android users play together?

What are the most unique parts of “RAIDER SIX” compared to other Battle Royale games?

How can players win in Bounty Mode?

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