Raider Six India’s Battle Royale Game: Game Story Line, Features, Launch Date and More

Raider Six is an Indian battle royale mobile game created by Starlight Gaming which is scheduled to be released on July 4, 2023. Conventional energy sources worldwide will be depleted by 2048, sparking ongoing debates about the potential use of Element U as a renewable energy source. The entire world’s supply of the element is housed in Area 6 and the Guardians ensure its security. Area 6 can be destroyed by a harmful biological weapon that creates the Pandora virus, which turns all soldiers and Guardians into something else.

As the raider, it is now your obligation to be a thief in Element U as the future of the world is dependent on your actions. Help save the world by putting your faith in your allies and fighting hard!

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Article TypeRaider Six Game
AppRaider SIX
CompanyStarlight Gaming India Private Ltd.
Size1,001 MB
PlatformPlay Store, Apple Store
Release Date4 July 2023
Last Updated5 July, 2023

Raider SIX minimum system requirements

  • Needs a stable internet connection.
  • Minimum 1.5 GB RAM, and Android 5.0 at or above
Raider Six Mobile

Raider Six Game Features

1. Objective-based Battle Royale

Element U is among the most important documents in the game. This is why you’re in this threatening arena. The primary goal in the world of volleyball is to steal the most relics you can and get Element U.

2. Modern weapon systems

Synthesize more advanced and powerful weapons. You can purchase special gun skins in the vicinity of monthly and weekly fights. Inform your opponents to make use of special grenades in order to make chickens dance or cause them to dance.

3. Trading System in the R6 Universe

Players are allowed to increase their arsenal of weapons by selling ads all over the Market and in Area #6 for a reduced price. It was a smart business decision, and this chance to trade with the enemy was not to be missed.

4. Revive yourself

With the feature to revive in Raider Six, death isn’t the final word in this drug world. Prepare yourself to take the shot or grab the drug to get revenge!

5. Fight and control monsters

Explore and take on giant monsters. Your allies’ allies and create destruction on enemies.

6. Take a ride your way

Fly helicopters, ride horses, or fight in tanks. Explore the area with your horse. Area 6


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